Show the world how you roll.

Wear it on your sleeve. Hang it on a wall. Put your pride on display with clothing and collectibles inspired by the Vibrance Collection® lineup.

Customer Display Banners and Floor Mats

When it comes to customizing your store, we've got a number of items available featuring your favorite brands and showcasing signature rides. You can choose from large-format banners, hop-up displays and floor mats. Anyone can order these select items and more from http://luckydogdisplays.com/store/ppg.

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Every year we create posters showcasing some of the nation's award-winning cars wearing a PPG finish. Posters are only available from your local PPG distributor.

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Signs, Clings and Decals

Distributors can order these signs, window clings and decals from PPG's online ordering application.

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Vibrance Collection® Paint System Color Cards

If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind color that will make your prized possession stand out from the pack, take advantage of the color selectors available for Vibrance Collection® custom finishes from PPG. Distributors can order the binder and color cards from PPG via the online ordering application.

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Brand Marketing Materials

For distributors, we have a number of materials that can be ordered to support the Vibrance Collection® brand in your store. From the overview brochure and systems guide to color cards and point of purchase displays and graphics—you can help your customers find just the right finish for their ride.

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Kid's Coloring Book

If you've spent any time with us at any of the national car shows, you know we have a coloring contest for the young, aspiring artists that get inspired from the amazing work that builders and painters do.

Now, distributors can order the latest coloring book with art by SQUINDO.

Part number ARBKTS.

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